ART 1100 Intro. to Art 

ART 1301 Art History Survey I

ART 2302 Art History Survey II

ART 3303 Art History Survey III

ART 1302 Design I

ART 1303 Drawing I

ART 2303 Design II

ART 2304 Drawing II

Calling all Art students to Foundations!

While you are working on the required 22 credit hours of Foundations this is the time to think about your choice of specialization:  whether you choose Art History, Communication Design, Studio or Visual Studies, Foundations will help you understand the basics.  As you work through this set of eight classes we will ask you to be thinking about a range of materials and ideas: the color of gender, Drawing in Memory, the history of space, community connections, the front lawn and the human figure.  And as we think about all of this we will work inside the studio, outside the classroom, within the wood shop, throughout the lecture hall and around the gallery.

Carol Flueckiger, Foundations Coordinator

2012 - 2013 Calendar

Aug. 17,20,21       LISD In-Service

Aug. 24                 Foundations Meeting

Oct. 8                    LISD In-Service

Oct. 11 - 13           TASA, Texas Association Schools of Art

Oct. 19                  2D GPTI Review

Oct. 28 - Nov. 1     NASAD Visit

Dec. 18 - Jan. 13 Winter Break

Jan. 14                 Foundations Meeting

Feb. 22                 2D GPTI Review

March 1                SOA Open House

March 1                SOA High School Portfolio Review

April 3 - 6              FATE 2012

April 11 - 14          35th Lubbock Art Festival

Report on 2011 - 2012


conducted one In Service Workshop, Attended four In-Service meetings to promote SOA Open House


Attended TASA, one faculty and two graduate students.  12 Graduate students exhibited work.  Three Texas Tech students won awards: Megan Dill, grand prize, Chris Adams, Second Place, Rebecca Hopp, Third Place

SOA Open House

LISD positive response from K-12

High School Portfolio Reviews

6 Awards, over 20 portfolios reviewed.


Two graduate students submitted proposals for spring 2013 acceptance pending. 

Art Festival

Art + Arch exhibition


Filled out form in terms of 2D Studio, 3D Studio, Art History